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Thanksgiving is over. It's amazing how fast special days, come and go. All the preparation and then Poof it's over.

This year my tradition changed. Every year for years, I have always cooked Thanksgiving dinner. This is the first year I have not.

How did I feel about this? It was a bit weird, but I learned something about myself!

I did not have to cook to have a great day. The impact of a changing tradition is influenced by factors such as the nature of the tradition, the context of the change, and the attitudes of those involved. This year I embraced this change with gratitude. I am thankful that I have family that stepped up to cook us a wonderful meal while we are in transition. Everyone had a GREAT attitude. My family accepted this change with a positive mindset which presented a fantastic time had by all.

I had a range of emotions going into this weekend which included nostalgia, excitement, resistance and some sadness. Reflecting back on this weekend I learned from this process of change that I gained a new tradition. Which I am grateful for!

Happy Holiday Season


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