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Nancy Dorobiala

Fused Glass Artist

My path to art began as a jewelry artist.  My father was a stone setter and I remember watching him set stones. Once my children left the nest, I felt I had to fill the void.  I began making jewelry and from there enter my first glass class.  I learned how to make cabochons in glass and incorporated them into my jewelry pieces. The glass technique I use is called fused glass.  This is where glass is “bonded” together in a kiln using various heat temperatures.

From making small pieces of glass, I explored making larger pieces with glass and became fascinated with glass even further. I emerged myself further into the glass world by producing sculptural pieces of art.  I love to challenge myself by continuing to learn new techniques that I can incorporate into my glass. Glass is always moving and so am I. Sometimes risks are taken with different pieces to produce and complete the particular design.

Creating with glass has given me the creative freedom to continue to challenge myself with new, exciting ideas. Most recently that includes working with oils to create on canvas those designs I have always seen in my mind! Painting allows me to explore colors and textures in a different way then ever before.  I hope you enjoyed my pieces as much as I enjoy creating them and make them part of your collection!

For questions or custom orders, please contact me at, or 602-373-7537

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