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Loosening Up general and in life


I have noticed more often the stress we place on ourselves is sometimes really ridiculous. I really want to blog once a week and each week comes and goes and nothing. It's a pressure I put on myself. Also it's a time factor. I try to not use my job as an excuse as why I do not blog, but it really is. I decided to try and loosen up. It is a simple solution. That statement may seem bogus to some of you but for me it's hard. To explain it further, I compare it to trying to learn how to improve a game of tennis which will put stress on yourself. Your performance more than likely will get worse and then it's like standing in your own way.

The answer is to loosen up. The lesson that I am trying to learn is to use my energy without the anxiety. Hopefully then I can be better at what I want to do and learn to live less tensely. I probably won't stumble over myself!

Ok, that's enough rambling. I received a flex day from work today and I am loving it and I have loosen up! Enjoy.

Discuss amongst your selves.

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