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Today I am writing about change. As we all know each day brings on different challenges. I have learned that i have to pivot and be brave maybe more times than I want to lately. I will start off with what I believe change is to me.

Changes are an inevitable and constant part of life. From the moment we are born, we begin to experience a series of transformations that shape our existence. These changes occur on various levels, from the personal to the worldly changes we face, and they can be both subtle and profound. Currently, I am facing many natures of change.

How am I navigating this change you ask?

Change can often bring a mix of emotions, including fear, anxiety, excitement, and uncertainty. I am acknowledging these feelings and allow myself to experience them without judgment. This is hard for me to do! I understand that it's normal to feel a range of emotions when confronting change.

I am trying to be as flexible as I can be. How? By adjusting my plans and expectations as circumstances evolve. As many of you know this year has been an extremely hard year for me. It seems like all I have done is pack. Laugh out loud. But I am trying to adapt to this challenge and to manage it successfully. I am trying to embrace all the changes by accepting this challenge by looking at it as an opportunity to grow and learn. Let me tell you I am learning a lot! I am approaching each change as a willingness to learn. One of the hardest lessons is treating myself with self-compassion and kindness.

I am trying to remember that change is a natural and inevitable part of life. I am changing my mindset to navigate my changes effectively; I hope to thrive and grow through this process. I am learning that embracing change is an opportunity for personal development which can lead to a more fulfilling and resilient life.

The Divine Ms. N



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